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47+ Printable Christmas Tree Templates

During Christmas season, you will not find a single house without a Christmas tree. It is the essential item when people decorate their homes and it is also the main attraction however big or small it is. No matter how old or young you are, you will never forget how tiring but fun it is to put up your family’s Christmas tree. All the memories will come rushing in about doing it years before. It invokes nostalgia, especially if everyone in the family worked for hand in hand with decorating it. You may also see free Christmas templates.

Free Coloring Christmas Tree Template

free coloring christmas tree template
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Christmas Tree Coloring for Children Template

free christmas tree coloring for children template
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Free Blank Christmas Tree Template

free blank christmas tree template
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Free Simple Christmas Tree Template

simple christmas tree template
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Christmas Tree Paper Template

christmas tree paper template
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Creating Christmas tree graphics is a fun and simple activity to do. You get to play with their appearances and print them afterward. You can use them for multiple purposes. So, to get you acquainted with them, we have prepared a list of printable Christmas tree templates that are stunningly beautiful and creative. Let us take a look! You may also see Christmas templates.

Free Small Christmas Tree Template

free small christmas tree template
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Free Decorated Christmas Tree Template

free decorated christmas tree template
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Christmas Tree Craft Pattern Template

free christmas tree craft pattern template
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Bare Christmas Tree Template for School

free bare christmas tree template for school
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Layered Christmas Tree Template

free layered christmas tree template
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Christmas Tree Printable Coloring Page Template

christmas tree printable coloring page template
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Christmas Tree Objects and Patterns

christmas tree objects patterns

These Christmas tree patterns can be used for a lot of things. You could use these as a gift wrapper, envelope for your letter, etc. This package offers a wide array of Christmas patterns ranging from quirky and simple to flashy and stylish. Buy these pattern designs now and start crafting your decorations! You may also see Christmas backgrounds.

Christmas Tree Kit

christmas tree kit

Designs like this can be simply made, but to avoid hassle from all the arts and crafts, you can just order this kit. The kit includes a Christmas tree simple pattern that you can just stick to your wall or you could hang it if you want to. The other decorative materials include reindeer, sugar cane, snow, gift box, and circular patterns. And, of course, a Christmas tree will not be complete without a star. You can easily stick these photoshop patterns to the Christmas tree with tape or glue. Buy this kit now to liven up your home.

Cartoon Christmas Tree

cartoon christmas tree

Who can resist not looking at these cute little fellas? Those grinning faces are highly contagious and they will eventually make you smile, too. This template offers a variety of expressions for your Christmas tree. It is going to be a tough time choosing one, so why not use all of them? Buy and print them all, then use them as decorations anywhere that you see fit. They will surely brighten up the mood of those who look at them. You may also see Christmas stationery templates.

Watercolor Pine Tree Clipart

watercolor pine tree clipart

Christmas Tree Vector

christmas tree vector

Creating vector art is about being artistic while being simple at the same time, and these Christmas tree icons are the perfect example of it. They are all Christmas tree silhouettes that are styled and decorated differently from each other. But even though they are just silhouettes, the creator of these patterns still managed to artistically design them. Get these vector art Christmas trees to add to the holiday feel of your home or office. You may also see Christmas icons.

Vector Christmas Tree with Garland

vector christmas tree with garland

Shiny Christmas Tree Silhouette

shiny christmas tree silhouette

Floral Christmas Trees and Bunting

floral christmas trees bunting

Talk about intricate! The Christmas tree, deer, and wreath patterns made up of different branches and flowers create an explosion of absolute beauty! It is so colorful and pretty that it is hard not to get stunned by it. The meticulous arrangement of these various vector patterns are highly impressive and the art that they create together will elegantly grace your home with its presence. Try these out and make your home an avenue for style and beauty! You may also see Christmas letter templates.

Wooden Snowflake Christmas Tree

wooden snowflake christmas tree

Cut-out Christmas Tree

cut out christmas tree

Christmas Tree Card

christmas tree card

Christmas Tree Creator Mockup

christmas tree creator mock up

Still not sure how to decorate your Christmas tree? Then, this Christmas Tree Creator Mockup will help you make up your mind. This template will allow you to create a mockup of your Christmas tree and design it with various attractive ornaments. Click that ‘Buy Now’ button above and start trying out different designs until you find the right one.

Supermarket Cart with Christmas Tree

vector supermarket cart with christmas tree

Gift Box with Christmas Tree

gift box with christmas tree

Christmas Tree Tags

christmas tree tags

Can you imagine how cute these tag designs will look as decorations? You can use these to dress up your Christmas tree, gift basket, or any holiday package. These are made up of white cardstock that is die-cut and accompanied with trees made of green cardstock and hand-punched snowflakes. All these elements come together to create a 3D effect with the help of foam adhesive. These well-made printable tags will be a great addition to your decorations!

Christmas Tree Shapes

christmas tree shapes

Look at all those curves and patterns! Those intricate strokes creatively form various stunning Christmas tree patterns that will go perfectly with a sophisticated look. It is going to be a tough one deciding which of these black and white patterns you will go for. But, if you think about it, you can just avoid breaking your head from all the thinking if you simply use them all, right? There is no limit as to how many detailed Christmas tree patterns you can use for your designs. Give this package a go so you can start skimming through all the designs! You may also see Christmas blogger themes.

Snowman Christmas Tree

snowman christmas tree

Christmas Tree Retro Clip Art

christmas tree retro clip art

This type of graphic design is getting common. But who cares? It is a creative concept that will definitely stay for a while. We have already seen two examples of this concept, and this one will be different from the rest. The Christmas trees are made up of various ornaments such as Christmas balls, stockings, candy canes, confetti, and many other things. This package includes six Christmas tree clip art pieces for you to use. You may also see Christmas website themes.

Orange Scooter with Christmas Tree

orange scooter with christmas tree

Landscape Christmas Tree

landscape christmas tree

Shiny Christmas Tree

shiny christmas tree

Whether you are a fan of neon lights or not, you cannot deny that this is a great design. The outlines are sufficiently laid over with brush strokes that make it look like they are glowing. The design is simple enough to convince people to buy it. It will go great with concepts having dark themes.

Happy Family Decorates Christmas Tree

happy family decorates christmas tree

Green Beaded Christmas Tree

green beaded christmas tree

Beads, beads, beads! This is the first time we have seen a Christmas tree made out of beads. It is amazing how the maker of this came up with such a concept and then managed to professionally execute it. Get this unique and quirky Christmas tree now and surprise your guests! You may also see Christmas E-commerce themes.

Rustic Christmas Tree Clip Art

rustic christmas tree cliparts

Watercolor Christmas Tree

watercolour christmas tree

Simple Christmas Tree

simple christmas tree

The details that using watercolor can create are stunning. Just look at these Christmas trees. Every detail is impressively highlighted that you would be amazed how even the tips of a leaf or a flower are crisply clear. This package includes 18 watercolor Christmas trees that you can use for multiple purposes. They are formatted as PNG (Portable Network Graphics) files so you do not have to worry about them having white backgrounds. Enjoy using these Christmas trees for your holiday projects!

Artificial Christmas Trees

artificial christmas trees

Hand-drawn Christmas Trees

hand drawn christmas trees

Christmas trees cannot get any cuter than this. These hand-drawn Christmas trees will go well with concepts for kids. The graphics, although not intricately detailed, give off a sweet and innocent vibe. They attract old and young minds alike. If you are going for a youthful Christmas theme, click that download button now. You may also see Christmas powerpoint templates.

Christmas Tree with Snowflakes

christmas tree with snowflakes

Christmas Tree with Colorful Balls

christmas tree with colorful balls

Vintage Christmas Tree Collection

vintage christmas tree collection

This vintage collection offers a variety of beautifully decorated Christmas trees to add to your own collection of Christmas decorations. Each of them has different designs, so choose the one that will complement your other stuff, or you can just use them all. The more the merrier, right? Get these Christmas trees now and start decorating! You may also see Christmas brochures templates.

Mini Christmas Tree

mini christmas tree

Christmas Tree and Presents

christmas tree and presents

Santa Claus Christmas Tree

santa claus christmas tree

Christmas Fir Tree

christmas fir tree

Catholic Christmas Trees

catholic christmas trees

Elegant Christmas Trees

elegant christmas trees

Chalkboard Christmas Tree

chalkboard christmas trees

Phew! We are glad that you have lasted this long and reached the bottom of the list. It is kind of exhausting going through all the great options, but we are pretty sure you have a lot of thinking to do after viewing each of these templates. It is quite an extensive list, but these printable Christmas tree templates will definitely help you with decorating your place for the Christmas season. You may also see Christmas poster templates.

If you are having a hard time choosing one, why not choose more instead? That way, you get to experiment which template goes with which design. Having a lot of options can give you more ideas to solidify the kind of Christmas Drupal theme that you are going for. But, before you get carried away with making decisions, always remember that the purpose of decorating is to make everyone feel the Christmas spirit. Make every person feel the love and warmth during this cold holiday season with the designs that you are making. We hope for the best for your family and friends this Christmas season. Happy holidays! You may also see Christmas invitation templates.

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